Sunday, January 20, 2013

Harvest time! Shoots = Fast Food!

Ok, my broccoli shoots are ready!! How's that for fast food?  I seeded last Tues.. and we started nibbling on the tiny plants on Friday.. Tonight I will use them to top a stir-fry, whose leftovers will be turned into wraps tomorrow (with more of the broccoli shoots added for crunch!) yum yum..

Some photos of their final hours..

If you're interested in learning more about growing shoots and even microgreens, check out this book by Fionna Hill. If you have a sunny windowsill or an unused grow-light, you can quickly and inexpensively grow more food.. Have fun!

Friday - they're just over an inch tall..

Cute, eh? 

Today - the shoots have reached the top of the container!

Dense planting.. 

I thought my hand would make a nice reference for how big
they've grown in the past few days.

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