Friday, November 23, 2012

Late November in the Garden

It's just gorgeous out there - 12 C in my backyard and sunny.. the perfect garden-working weather. So, I pulled myself away from the computer to work in the garden for a few hours. It really needs tending.. I've been negligent for months and months, but happily things keep coming along. I'm also very thankful for the re-seeders like mizuna, mustard, arugula, mache and kale that have populated the garden with many babies that I can then dig up and move to new beds or the cold frames for overwintering.

Here's a glimpse into our garden on this lovely November day..

I love this 4 by 10 foot bed.. It's thickly planted
with arugula and spinach with young Red Russian
kale seedlings moved from other parts of the
garden. We'll eat the greens for months and then
the kale will take over in for a March bumper crop!

The arugula-spinach-kale bed covered with a
medium weight row cover.. A mini hoop tunnel
will soon be erected over top.

Beside the above mentioned bed, a bed of Japanese turnips,
two types of kale, radishes, arugula and mixed Asian greens.

Here are those mixed Asian greens. Love the
crazy colours and textures! Oh yeah, they taste
pretty good too! :)

Close up - Ruby Streaks mustard.. can't get
enough of this in salads. 

Oops.. the mild weather has made some of the Asian greens
bolt! No worries, the buds and flowers are edible too.

Green Wave mustard.. gorgeous texture!

Not sure who this mustard is, but his colour
is extreme red! A random ingredient in the mixed
Asian greens.  

Hello again Ruby Streaks!

This Italian parsley is re-sprouting.. shall I take
my chances,  dig it up and move it to a cold frame?

An experiment - Various mustards and mizunas
thickly seeded on Oct 1st. Now they're 2 to 4
inches tall and will overwinter for Feb/March. 

The carrots are covered with their foot of leaves.
In the back, a mature mizuna has been giving us
non-stop salads since APRIL!! Crazy productive!

Rainbow lacinato kale.. I love your blue-green,
red-veined foliage!

Done! This big bed is weeded and amended with
composted and topped with chopped
leaves/grass mixture. Time for tea!

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